Brass is shiny

5000K CFL, Nikon D40, white seamless background paper, Douglas fir branch, a bunch of bailing wire, and a little bit of art.

With the advice of  J R Compton’s, “How to Photograph Art” I’ve started the process of re-shooting  my work. The new images are better than the old ones but brass is still either too shiny or not shiny enough.

Oh, how I envy painters sometimes.

2 responses to “Brass is shiny

  1. I used to get a terrible glare on my oil paintings before I started scanning everything. I would take them into a shaded area without direct sunlight on a bright day that had a lot of diffused light and they photographed wonderfully. Maybe a similar approach would work for metal?

  2. Thanks, I’ll give it a try next time around.

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