Of too much care

The Ship of Fools, pl 24, attributed to Haintz-Nar-Meister, 1494.

Sebastian Brant writes in The Ship of Fools:

…And those are fools who fret and falter
Because of things they cannot alter.

Though he knew nothing of the 24 hour news cycle I took Brant’s advice in October. Before then I was a frequenter of Huffington Post, The New York Times, Frum Forum, et cetera and ad infinitum but then I realized that reading all this news was just another form of entertainment where I was rooting for the good guys and booing the bad guys and I was really no better for it. This is true especially considering that I, like most people, have a tendancey to only read the news that validates my established opinions about human nature. Furthermore, with the time that I don’t spend reading the latest outrage on Huffington Post I’ve been able to focus more on art making and blog publishing.

What say you?

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