One Million Bones Project

Everything about the One Million Bones project is right.

Genocide and mass killings show the humans species at it’s worst so it is natural for us to turn away and try to forget. There’s nothing we can do to bring back the dead and bringing throngs of anonymous killers to justice is unlikely. All that’s left is to prevent crimes of this magnitude from happening again and to make good on the oft-repeated promise, “Never again.”

I have often been critical of “awareness raising” organizations because they are seem to be more capable of assuaging our collective regrets than affecting any tangible change. I think One Million Bones is different because it is going so BIG.

Their goal of pacing one million hand-made bones before on the National Mall in 2013 is not only sound activism it is also good art.

I am especially compelled by act of fashioning a bone by hand. From start to finish this is kind of religious rite that almost anyone can participate in regardless of age or artistic skill.

What say you?

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