Making the Suspended After Image cloak

Late in 2011, in my capacity as supervisor of The University of Texas, Texas Performing Arts Scenic Studio I had the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional contemporary artist, Diana Al-Hadid.

My responsibility was to produce the cloak using RenShape BM5440 — a truly splendid material. The annotated images below describe a little more about how this was accomplished.

Diana Al-Hadid, Suspended After Image, 2012.

7 responses to “Making the Suspended After Image cloak

  1. My colleague in Sculpture would love to have access to some of the tools and machinery you have there.

  2. It makes sense to read all of the different influences on her work and then see the large view there.

  3. I know the video probably said, but how long was she there for the whole project?

    • The better part of three weeks I think. Diana constructed as much as possible at her studio and Brooklyn but there was a lot of work to do once all the parts arrived from various makers. Every time I visited the VAC she was always there toiling away.

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