Wishing fish clock

Another forgotten influence.

In 1995 I spent the spring semester studying at Cheltenham and Gloucester College in Cheltenham, England. In the city’s equivalent of an American mall there resides the Wishing Fish clock. I often stopped to wait for its “chime” on my way to the teashop or to ogle chess sets at the game shop.

This clock was not then nor is it now in keeping with my general tastes and still seems to be a bit out of proportion to me. Nonetheless, the sense of wonder and possibility that it engenders in children and perhaps a few adults remains an inspiration.

According to Wikipedia, the vertical distance from the duck to the fish is 14 metres. It weighs 3 tons.

3 responses to “Wishing fish clock

  1. I wish it was just the fish hanging with a clock in its mouth.

  2. I’ve seen this clock. With J.E. by my side, nonetheless!

    • Those were good times, I wish I could remember more. I went to Gloucester cathedral so many times but all I can really remember now is the huge stained glass window and the cloisters which I finally recognized in one of the Harry Potter films.

      Honestly most of what I remember are the ridiculous times I spent with you and Jerod.

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