Smoking and Non

My university implemented a campus wide smoking ban this month. Leaving the issue of an individual’s right to slowly kill themselves aside, I think it’s good policy.

However, I’m especially thankful for this policy having finally spurred me to make my first animated GIF as I’ve thought for some time that this may be a good way to test out automaton compositions. This was relatively easy through PhotoShop but maybe I should learn Flash too….

4 responses to “Smoking and Non

  1. Our campus enacted a similar rule with a few select locations as excepted areas to smoke. Many of my colleagues smoke so I have both perspectives. I love your first animation, and I can see many more in the future. I find myself wanting to learn animation tools myself. I guess it is an inevitable product of our age. The technique works well with your drawing style.

    • I expect you’ll see many more in the future. They’re fun and a pretty quick way to explore comedic timing an composition. The creepy thing is that this has been my most popular post yet by far and yet I just made it on a whim. It’s so impossible to guess what people will respond to.

      Inevitable product of our age indeed.

  2. ha! i just watched this for several rounds. good stuff.

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