The Aeronaut: Adverse Verse

It is a challenge to draw these figures and remember to leave space for the verse — especially when it hasn’t been composed. I fussed considerably trying to decide where to place these lines and then I had to stretch and re-draw various elements. One of the many reasons I prefer to work in Illustrator.

It may not look like three hours of work but, nonetheless, it is satisfying.

4 responses to “The Aeronaut: Adverse Verse

  1. I love watching art constructed in real time. I think the text works great. My earlier comment must have been lost?

    • Real time seems like a long time. But I’m in the home stretch now. Angelic robe overlay next.

      Thanks for the feedback on the text. I’m not entirely happy with its thematic placement (I really wanted the word “paper” to end up on or near the airplane) but visually (admittedly more important), it has the right balance.

      As far as your previous comment — I think it got attached to Sunday’s Blake quotation somehow.

  2. Having the word paper placed away from the airplane worked for me because it caused me to spend an extra second trying to figure it out. That extra second was spent scanning up the entire body of the angel until eyes rested on the hand grasping the airplane.

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