The Aeronaut — Complete!

Finally finished with “The Aeronaut.” There may be some minor tweaks before I start etching brass but I’m calling it done.

“The Aeronaut.” Recto.
©New Gottland

“The Aeronaut.” Verso.
©New Gottland

3 responses to “The Aeronaut — Complete!

  1. I never noticed that the cloud was only between his legs there. I hope it’s not too offensive to say that it remonds me of Eliot who, lately, has taken to calling his passed gas, “using the force”.

  2. Good to see your art moving along. You have an impressive schedule.

  3. I’m sure you know by now that it takes quite a bit to offend me. Eliot is hilarious.

    As far as my schedule, I’ll be picking up the pace starting this week.

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