The Insomniac — first trace

Is this seraph too sexy? I don’t know. Perhaps just too Disney.

4 responses to “The Insomniac — first trace

  1. It’s so interesting to me how these sketches turn into these thick and thin wavy lines. Do you ever use those brush markers?

  2. I’m not sure that this is going to be helpful, as i don’t have a suggestion toward a solution, but i don’t get the sense that the seraph is suffering from insomnia, maybe the key is suffering, maybe a cloud pillow or something to show that sleep is the objective, bags under the eyes, not sure how important any of that is to you, but it might help you get away from the “Disney”-ish-ness you feel you’ve produced.

    • Good point on suffering but tricky.

      Is there suffering in heaven? Is this angel even in heaven? There is certainly no need for sleep in a state of eternal bliss right? But how would I know? If I had experimented with recreational drugs in my youth could I imagine it then?

      Still your suggestion about bags is a good one. I’ll play around it. You are generally spot-on about these things.

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