Quotation: David Mamet (1947 – )

I read nearly every published work of David Mamet at a formative age. When I go back and read him now, skimming through the passages I underlined nearly twenty years ago, I am startled to observe how deeply his words continue to influence me. I remember too how bleak his words can seem even as they belie foundations of hope.

“We need not fall victim to the liberal fallacy of assuming that because we can perceive a problem we are, de facto, not part of the problem. We are the problem, like the man driving home from the Hamptons on Sunday night and cursing the idiots who have caused to the traffic jam. We are part of the process, the world is decaying rather rapidly, and there is nothing we can do about it.”

from “Decay some thoughts for Actors: Theodore Spencer Memorial Lecture, Harvard, February 10, 1986.”

What say you?

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