The Vigilante — first trace

Still pretty rough and awkward but at least I’m moving forward.

2 responses to “The Vigilante — first trace

  1. I wonder if you could have the left leg coming forward and the right one back where the left is now, or a hip line coming off the closest leg. I feel as though his left thigh connects to the right side of his torso. I realize these are highly stylistic so maybe it’s a moot point, but it does tweak my sense of space. Is the rope to be included? It might be fun to create a loop from which he could hang, or would that be too inconsistent with the others? Sorry, I slipped into full critique mode this morning.

    • I had the same sense about the legs. Seeing with fresh eyes this morning I’m sure this is the right thing to do. And thanks for the full critique mode. Your expertise is always much appreciated if you have the time.

      The rope roughly sketched in here will be twisted wire like the rest. It will slip through his hand and wrap around the wrist. Unlike the rest, I think I’ll need to draw the other side of the hand on the recto side to make this work though. The Vigilante needs to be a little more swashbuckling.

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