Edward Bond interview

In 1995 I did a semester abroad in England and was assigned several Edward Bond plays to read. I have never been the same.


6 responses to “Edward Bond interview

  1. Nice interview. I am not as familiar with his work as I would like to be so this is an encouraging video. However, it will be interesting, since I do contemplate the value of depicting violence quite often.

    • I struggle with the depiction of violence myself. But it is often the trigger to many of my, as yet unrealized, designs. This is why I find Bond so challenging. I feel a strong kinship to his approach and yet the world is already so full of gloomy (if not pessimistic) art, how much more does it need?

    • And I will admit that I posted this interview primarily for you. You will certainly not agree with everything he writes but I do think you’re cut from similar cloth.

  2. I certainly found it interesting, almost shocking, to hear a contemporary author of his reknown say he was interested in the salvation of mankind. Is it possible to find performances of his works, or do you think they would be worth rteading wihtout seeing them performed first?

    • I’ve never seen Bond performed. There may be some recordings out there, perhaps available through a University library. I’ve only read him.

      I think if you read some of his work you’ll see why he isn’t produced as much as his contemporaries. I need to go back and read him myself.

  3. Also, I think I can be accused of making “depressing art” sometimes. Sara just said the other day, when I was complaining about not selling many paintings, that I would sell more if I was more willing to make pretty pictures. To which I responded that I always try to make pretty pictures, I just want ones that mean something too. Excuse the spelling errors. I typed these quickly.

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