Thank you Dr. Stuart Whatling

…for making your doctoral thesis and research, The Corpus of Medieval Narrative Art, available on the internet. It is a treasure trove of imagery and scholarship.

As of today he has posted over 2,700 pages of images from Amiens, Chartres, Bourges, and others. What a resource!

Chartres Cathedral, The “Seraph” Clerestory Window, (bay 103, panel 04).
© Stuart Whatling, 2008

5 responses to “Thank you Dr. Stuart Whatling

  1. I’d like to see the rest of that image. Those eyes are incredibly ominous. I’m sure there’s a quasi-logical explanation.

  2. There are so many weird quirky things that came out of medieval art like that. I still think how those two pair hover above the frame is amazing. I can see why that period is an endless source of inspiration for you.

  3. Henny Valstar the Netherlands

    I enjoy very much your images of the famous cathedrals, I can see them even better than the
    believers in the middle ages. Thanks

  4. I’ve only recently discovered Dr Whatling’s wonderful work. I’m enthralled.

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