More heat and more pressure

Though originally I had planned to silk screen the acid resist for the angels, I think that in the long run reverting to the PnP Blue method of toner transfer that I’m already familiar will work out better. Like many users of PnP, I have been frustrated by the consistency of transfer. Sometimes I could get a really clean transfer and other times — total failure. The image below shows both.

Also, most of the tutorials that I have read focus on PCB etching. While the principles are the same there are many tricks that I have found to adapt the basic techniques to larger scale, art etchings on brass.

I’m taking notes and better quality photos. When I can catch my breath I’ll be writing a detailed tutorial for this method of resist toner transfer for artists.

Left: What’s left of the PnP Blue carrier. Right: Toner transferred to 20 gauge brass.

3 responses to “More heat and more pressure

  1. Looking forward to the process post.

    • Me too. This 365 day challenge is a bit of a bummer in that I’m never completely satisfied with my posts but by year’s end blogging will certainly be a habit and then I can focus on quality in 2013.

      • I’m pretty sure mine will slow down after the academic year begins, but that’s okay. I’m only posting once a week right now, and I’ll be fine if that gets cut in half. It’s made me draw and sketch and write more, and that is basically what I needed to get out of it.

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