Perfect toner transfer

Never in my years of working with Press-n-Peel Blue have I ever had such a perfect transfer (both front and back). And this was my first try using new methods and equipment. I’ll be posting my notes with additional images later on.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to imbibe a rather large glass of my Father’s Day port.

2 responses to “Perfect toner transfer

  1. Congratulations. So are you doing all the transfering and etching, prior to the water jet cutting? or was this just a materials and methods test?

    • My plan to do silk screening and water jetting is completely out the window at this point. Lead times and costs were just too much to be worth it so I’ve focused my energy on improving existing methods. Honestly, now that the toner transfer method performs reliably I think it will be faster. If all goes well, I’ll have eight new ornaments by the end of the day!

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