As I have mentioned before, my curiosity continues to lead me to works of Hispanic art and particularly those works from Latin America.

This is the work of Mexican artist, Nicolás Correa. I like the relationship of the fully developed figures on the black wall surfaces defined with fine white lines. I’d love to see a work like this in person so that I could see the light shimmer off the shell fragments.

Nicolás Correa, The Wedding at Cana. Oil on canvas, encrusted with mother-of-pearl. 22-7/8″ x 29-3/4″. 1693.
From The Arts in Latin America 1492-1820, Philadelphia Museum of Art.

2 responses to “Enconchado

  1. Wow. That space is folding so strangely. I wonder how much of that was recognized.

    • Yeah I wonder that too. I have found that messing up perspective this badly to be a tremendous challenge because forgetting even with the smallest amount of experience with the various methods of representing true perceptive is really difficult. And yet, I have found that this kind of awkward space folding to be one of the most important techniques for establishing a medieval mood.

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