Thanks to Mike

Thanks to Mike Rodriquez at All the Pages Are My Days blog, the unknown toymaker (to me) has been named.

And thanks to Mike for a perfect picture of a road on which I spent many a happy hour riding upon growing up. My Mom and Dad still live less than two miles from where this photo was taken and when ever I visit home my wife and I never miss an opportunity to take the short walk up that way.

See also some of his splendid images from Kanopolis Lake and Horsethief Canyon, another destination dear to me.

19th Avenue, looking north. McPherson County, Kansas.
Photo by Mike Rodriquez at All the Pages Are My Days.

4 responses to “Thanks to Mike

  1. We visited Coronado Heights during the reunion. It was good to be there, flying a kite on a gusty day with so many of my friends, Toby, Peter, Amanda, and Jason and his wife, as well as Dennis. Great photo here.

  2. J.E., I believe we hopped on our mountain bikes and biked this road a few times. I also remember glancing over and seeing a riderless bicycle, with your legs arcing into the tall grasses (which were already obscuring your body) after hitting a rut. I think this was the road….

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