The Hall of Seven Images

I am particularly compelled by the tile radiating from the void-like black center.

Prince Bahram Gur enters The Hall of Seven Images from the Anthology of Iskandar Sultan, Iran, 1410.
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Museum, Lisbon. via Islamic Art in Context by Robert Irwin.

4 responses to “The Hall of Seven Images

  1. That black semicircle and tile become all the more compelling because of the compression of perspective, with the figures placed against a floor that works visually like a wall, forcing our eyes even more upward.
    Yes, a compelling piece.

  2. Thanks a lot for putting the picture here. I looked everywhere to find it in large size.
    That probably wasn’t black at first. That circle is a pool. They painted water with silver color in Persian paintings. The silver parts were oxidized then as time passed by.

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