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Quotation: Muhammad (570 – 632)

“The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr.”

(Inspiration for Midterm study this weekend.)

Philosopher dish

“Knowledge: the taste is bitter at first, but in the end sweeter than honey. Good health [to the owner].”

Samanid epigraphic bowl. Samarqand. 11th century.

Squinch or pendentive?

One day I won’t need to look this up anymore but that event will likely coincide with the day I am dead.

Luxury to penitence

I was quite stuck today in class when I saw the the ivory casket of Abd al-Malik. I was reminded immediately of the Limoges enamel reliquary casket form. Looking into it a little more this evening I found the last image below where an Muslim made casket has had Christian enamel added.

Leyre Casket, Cordoba, c. 1005.

Enamel reliquary, Limoges, 1200-20.

Ivory casket with enamel decoration from Santo Domingo de Silos. Spain. 1026.

Quotation: Ibn Miskawayh (932 – 1030)

To commemorate the evening on which our PC refuses to boot.

“When a king, for instance, owns in his treasury an object of rare quality or a precious stone, he thereby exposes himself to being afflicted by its loss.”