Hasan Celebi: Love the art

from nicolafayerichards.blogspot.com

from nicolafayerichards.blogspot.com

“The first requirement is to love the art. Love comes before skill. If someone doesn’t desire khatt [calligraphy] they will not succeed. Today, I can’t write the Latin alphabet as my hand shakes too much. When I try to read a book, I can’t read more than 15 pages without falling asleep. But with khatt, my hand stays steady and there are times when I can study the art ten hours or more without lifting my head. Because I love it. It is also necessary to have patience, a good teaching and a good working environment. It is important to be writing everyday, especially when you’re a beginner. I tell my students they must put in 30 hours a day!” ~ Hasan Celebi

Quotation from calligraphyqalam.com

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