Cereal Box Clock

I finally have a complete design. There has been a lot of back and fourth between CAD and studio: design an element, build a prototype, redesign, tinker, second prototype, sketch, think about it for a while, third prototype. So even though I have yet to build a complete clock I do have some confidence that it will work.

But first a vacation back to the Fatherland to celebrate my Dad’s 70th Birthday!





4 responses to “Cereal Box Clock

  1. will it show correct time? the gears are corresponding to minutes and hours?

  2. Any chance you would care to share your CAD files? I’d like to do a smaller scale version of this with my 3D Printer and tho there are certainly more sophisticated clocks that have been printed, I like the simplicity of this one as an instructional aide.

  3. Are the pdf’s / drawings available?

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