Cereal Box Clock: Working Prototype

I’ve spent perhaps 150 hours working on this in CAD and less than 30 in the studio prototyping. Once all the patterns are printed and stuck to the double thick cereal boxes I think my students will have a shot at building their own in 12 hours of class time.

Materials include cereal box chip board, corrugated cardboard, wood dowel, hand-rolled paper tubes, recycled #1 plastic sheet, and brass grommets. Hot glue and quick set white glue are used for bonding as well as spray adhesive to mount the patterns. Tools include scissors, utility shears, snap blades, flush trim side cutters, sand paper, and a pull saw to cut dowels and paper tube. Class begins on Monday.

9 responses to “Cereal Box Clock: Working Prototype

  1. Brilliant! I love it. The plans you spent all that time designing…Is that something you will eventually share online. Also, I looked up that small machine shop in Austin you recommended, seems like their website is down but I will probably reach out to them when I have a project. Also, I also read up on emachineshop.com you wrote on one of your blogs. Love it…hopefully they will have a Mac version of their free design software someday soon.

  2. Your clock is awesome! I’m going to try one myself. Do you have dimensioned plans?

    • Not yet! Thanks for the interest though. I am currently working on plans based on what I learned from teaching the class. Send me your info via the “Contact” button at right of the menu and I’ll send you some plans when I have them. I would really appreciate your feedback!

  3. This will be my first time having the class to make a cereal box using stiff construction paper, etc. Send me some instructions that you may have experienced in using for this prototype project.

    • I was surprised by how well the kids handled it. I didn’t let anyone use Xacto-type blades but I did purchase a lot of different types of scissors and urge them to try out lots of different options. You may have seen my post about scissors already but if not there is a lot of good info on sources there. I have since seen a number of different product marketed to kids for cutting corrugated cardboard. Kind of dull saw looking things but I’ve never used one. Hope this helps.

  4. This is amazing. I am running a STEAM camp and was wondering if you would be willing to share any of your plans for a simple clock that the students can make. I too have a very small budget and this would be a wonderful addition to the camp.

  5. Can i get the pdf for the gears?

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