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Cereal Box Clock Plans

Back in 2013 when I posted the Cereal Box Clock series I immediately started receiving requests for plans.

Top view of cereal box clock plans. Click on image for full package.

Up until now, I have been unwilling to share. Not because I have been holding out for compensation (a number of readers have offered to pay) but because of my own self-limiting perfectionism. Even so, I have yet to find the motivation to put additional time into this project and it has become just another thing hanging over my head that I’ll get to “some day.” So if you’re inclined to attempt this clock yourself, everything I have to offer is on this Google Drive Folder.

These are the exact files my students and I used to build the clocks four years ago but completely lack any instructions or additional context. If you get stuck, the posts from 2013 have a lot of good info. In retrospect, the real value of these plans is that they demonstrate how to layout a going train in a “linear” fashion. This makes clock gearing much easier to understand and eliminates much of the complexity of a traditional movement. ¬†Good luck!