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The Insomniac and The Vigilante: nearly finished

Still tweaking to do but very close now.

The Vigilante: verse and draped

Clouds and clean up next. Finished soon.

The Vigilante — second pass

Now lacking only clothes and poetry.

The Aeronaut: Angel draping

Now the shame is covered.

The Aeronaut: Adverse Verse

It is a challenge to draw these figures and remember to leave space for the verse — especially when it hasn’t been composed. I fussed considerably trying to decide where to place these lines and then I had to stretch and re-draw various elements. One of the many reasons I prefer to work in Illustrator.

It may not look like three hours of work but, nonetheless, it is satisfying.

It has been a busy week

Smoking and Non

My university implemented a campus wide smoking ban this month. Leaving the issue of an individual’s right to slowly kill themselves aside, I think it’s good policy.

However, I’m especially thankful for this policy having finally spurred me to make my first animated GIF as I’ve thought for some time that this may be a good way to test out automaton compositions. This was relatively easy through PhotoShop but maybe I should learn Flash too….