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Thanks to Mike

Thanks to Mike Rodriquez at All the Pages Are My Days blog, the unknown toymaker (to me) has been named.

And thanks to Mike for a perfect picture of a road on which I spent many a happy hour riding upon growing up. My Mom and Dad still live less than two miles from where this photo was taken and when ever I visit home my wife and I never miss an opportunity to take the short walk up that way.

See also some of his splendid images from Kanopolis Lake and Horsethief Canyon, another destination dear to me.

19th Avenue, looking north. McPherson County, Kansas.
Photo by Mike Rodriquez at All the Pages Are My Days.

Research trip

From Tesoros, one of my favorite stores in the world and home of many hand-made treasures small and large.

To hell with a hand bag

Chartres has been on my mind a lot this week. In July of 1992, a few days after my eighteenth birthday I spent about three hours at Chartres as part of a whirlwind ten day tour of France. I remember very few visual details from those hours though I tried to see a much as I could in the meager time allotted to us. I suppose at the time I assumed that I would have the opportunity to see it again one day soon. After all, it was my second trip to Europe in as many years. It is curious how my European travels came to complete cessation after my parents were no longer picking up the tab.

I didn’t take any photos while there, instead trying to focus on more direct experience. But I did purchase the little print below. When I got back home that summer I had it matted and it has traveled with me to many dorm rooms, apartments and houses and it remains a source of reflection and inspiration. It is a fairly unremarkable image but it does give me hope that I will again one day gaze up in wonder at that amazing place.

A print which hangs in my workspace. “A demon leading a miser to Hell.” Chartres Cathedral, South Portal.

Don Weddle: Ship of Fools

Don Weddle, Ship of Fools photo © Jim Richardson

Don Weddle, Ship of Fools
photo © Jim Richardson

I’ve had this postcard of Don Weddle’s Ship of Fools pinned to my studio wall for a couple of years. When I walked into Jim Richardson’s Small World Gallery (a wonder in and of it self) I was so pleased to find one of my favorite themes in art in the little town of Lindsborg, Kansas.

Don Weddle studied art at Bethany College, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The University of New Mexico. Don is retired from teaching high school art in Wichita and interestingly, was an early mentor to another artist whose work I admire, Tom Otterness.

Lester Raymer’s Red Barn Studio

Lester Raymer, Promotional card, lino-cut.

Lester Raymer, Promotional card, lino-cut.

One of the reasons that I have chosen to take on the moniker of New Gottland is to connect me to the artistic heritage that influences my esthetic preoccupations and motives. Perhaps the man that represents this heritage most wholly for me is Lester Raymer. Continue reading

You say retablo I say reredos

Reredos with St Francis encircled by New World saints, Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Reredos with St. Francis encircled by New World saints, Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This can be said to be a reredos in English or perhaps a retablo in Spanish. This photo is from my Great American West vacation of 2009.