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The Insomniac: Second Pass with Verse

Miles to go before I sleep.

The Aeronaut — Complete!

Finally finished with “The Aeronaut.” There may be some minor tweaks before I start etching brass but I’m calling it done.

“The Aeronaut.” Recto.
©New Gottland

“The Aeronaut.” Verso.
©New Gottland

The Aeronaut: Angel draping

Now the shame is covered.

Smoking and Non

My university implemented a campus wide smoking ban this month. Leaving the issue of an individual’s right to slowly kill themselves aside, I think it’s good policy.

However, I’m especially thankful for this policy having finally spurred me to make my first animated GIF as I’ve thought for some time that this may be a good way to test out automaton compositions. This was relatively easy through PhotoShop but maybe I should learn Flash too….

Some progress