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Don’t Judge

Rouault — what an inspiration. Years ago I would wake up early mornings just to sit and stare at a book of of his paintings hoping to gain some scrap of his artistic intelligence.

From the placard: Rouault wrote, “If I have made the judges such lamentable figures, it was no doubt because I was translating the anguish I felt at the sight of a human being who is to judge other men.”

And before you judge the quality of this image consider that it was taken with a mobile phone with a 15-month-old art lover on my shoulders. Still it was great to get away to Houston last weekend and it did my heart good to see one of my favorite paintings by a favorite artist as well as see art through the eyes of my son and daughter.

George Rouault, The Three Judges, 1925. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Justice and punishment

Felons face down the solemn, thoughtful jury
As Christ is killed with moral, righteous fury.