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That’s enough layout and center punching for today

Layout for top and bottom mule block plates at UT Scenic Studio.

Layout for top and bottom mule block plates at UT Scenic Studio.

My experience with Austin Macfab

All’s well that ends well.

Austin Macfab, on Airport Boulevard in Austin, Texas is a family owned business and exactly the sort of place I was looking for to machine the arbor for my wet grinder. Kham Bourommavong, has worked at Austin Macfab for over 20 years and despite his admonition that he “doesn’t know business,” by all appearances his shop seems to be humming along. No doubt this is due in large part due to the efforts of his daughter with a business degree and a wife with years of experience in another private sector job both of whom he drafted when he purchased the business recently.

I have never jobbed out at part so was especially concerned with presenting a drawing that was very clear and used all the proper standards and nomenclature. This proved to be quite helpful to me, for when I picked up the part earlier this week I discovered that one critical dimension had been missed. After a short discussion and a review of the drawing Kham realized it was his oversight and though this meant that he had underbid the job the fix was easy enough and he had it finished in less than two hours. Despite this little hiccup, I would certainly recommend Austin Macfab for jobs like this to anyone.

It’s nice to know that some things can still be done by hand (granted, on a huge precision machine) instead of by CNC. I do a lot of CNC at my job at UT but high tech is not the best solution for everything. I got bids back from other machine shops in town who planned to CNC this part and they were well over $600. This is probably a perfectly reasonable price for all the various setups and programming required. But on Austin’s East side there are still plenty of places where guys go into work everyday, get dirty, and make stuff, and when you have decades of experience, you don’t always need a computer.

Austin Macfab

Where they are machining the arbor for my new wet grinder (more on that soon.)