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Angels worship the first human

Occasionally Pinterest can turn up some real gems.

Angels bow down for newly created Adam, whereas Iblis (Satan, dark, right) refuses. Islamic Persian miniature from before the 19th century. Origin unknown.
via www.overaladameneva.nl

While angels look on

Alas, somewhere in history the wealthy lost their taste for having themselves portrayed hanging out with God. Now these images just seem outrageously vain.

What caught my eye is the heavenly-hosts-onlooker pattern in the background. Wouldn’t that be a great wallpaper?

The Brussels Hours of John, Duke of Berry, c. 1402-09. The Book of Hours by John Hartman. Park Lane, New York. 1977.

Persian miniatures

Like quilted illustration — I must get more educated about this incredible art form.

Русский: Хафт ауранг Джами. c. 1556-65 (image ru.wikipedia)