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Cordel Literature: José Francisco Borges

A couple of years ago my friend Joe, a frequent traveler to Brazil, told me about the Cordel literature of José Francisco Borges and sent me this link from The Good Blood blog. Knowing a good thing when I see it, I immediately grabbed the image below and put it into my screen saver rotation at work.

I suppose it’s pretty easy to see why I might be attracted to this type of art. If it’s so easy I suppose I should also take the trouble to describe why. Tomorrow.

Birger Sandzén: A master among us

Birger Sandzén, Willow and Cottonwood, linocut, 1931.

If you grew up in McPherson County, Kansas as I did, it is likely that Birger Sandzén was the first artist whose style you could confidently identify. His work is in all the schools and in many homes throughout central Kansas. My heart swells with hometown pride when I encounter a Sandzén’s art in major museums throughout the country. Doubtless his work (particularly the prints which I can recall trying to decipher at an early age) continue to influence my own particular artistic choices.