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Wire and Cardboard Escapement Mechanism


Moments after I took this video the escapement stopped. Then I made “improvements” which made it worse. Likely the whole thing needs to be scrapped but it only took me 30 minutes to make so no big deal. You can’t get too precious with cardboard.

Super Simple Gear Geometry

This June I’ll be teaching a summer camp class to 4th and 5th graders titled “Gears and Gravity.” In my proposal I claimed, “We will explore the history and science of time keeping (horology) by hands on experimentation with simple machines and then construct our own real working mechanical clocks from paper and wood.” Now I have to design said clock.

My first challenge is to design a gear train (“going train” in horology parlance) with the simplest possible tooth profile that is easy to cut out and error tolerant.

Did I mention that my class budget is $125?


Inverted Geneva Wheel Mechanism


Over a year ago I created this lively little mechanism and just tonight got around to drawing up the plans for it. In addition to the jpg above I have also uploaded a PDF to my public Google Drive.

Keith Newstead’s Pegasus

Part of what drives the visual artist is the desire to view a very specific object or image. The trouble is, the art you want to see doesn’t exist so you have to go to the trouble of making it yourself.

Only rarely do I see an object that I wish I could have had the pleasure of making — the viewing is not enough. Kieth Newstead’s Pegasus is one such object.

(via Make and The Automata / Automaton Blog)

Keith Newstead, Pegasus, 2010.

Make Geneva wheels of any size

This summer, in an effort to teach myself Autodesk Inventor 2012 I decided to construct a virtual Geneva wheel. I have made actual Geneva wheels in the past using a pre-existing templates but I had no idea how to lay out this mechanism from scratch. Continue reading